Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR

The Biggest Podcasting Myths Busted - and the Shocking Truths about Podcasting I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Own Show

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My name is Ravi Jayagopal.

That's me above, listening to a podcast while getting my teeth drilled into!

I am the host of , a podcast about membership sites, online courses, WordPress and all things digital content marketing and monetization.

I’m the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of , a leading membership plugin and marketing automation platform for WordPress.

I am also the creator of - what is officially “The Prettiest Podcast Player on the Planet”.

I live in sunny San Diego with my beautiful, wicked-smart wife Veena Prashanth (the other Co-founder & Co-developer of DAP), 2 amazing kids and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla.

Having grown up as a talk-show fan, in a family where my father, my uncles and my grandfather were all Indian film legends - and continuing to fuel that passion as an adult by listening to podcasts since the mid 2000s, I have always been fascinated by the talk-show format.

And over the years, having advised thousands of people on how to monetize digital content through my main membership site software & coaching/consulting business, and being a super-fan of all forms of talk shows, especially podcasts, as well as having started my own show, I have developed a very unique perspective and a tremendous knack for figuring out what most people are doing wrong with their podcasts. And I have developed a powerful list of ideas and strategies that can help you create a better show, get more listeners, and build not just a hobby, but a long-term business using their podcast as a very powerful audience-building and marketing platform.

In this book, I’m going to tell you my biggest takeaways from my first year of hosting my own podcast, the “Subscribe Me” show at .

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