Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR

The Biggest Podcasting Myths Busted - and the Shocking Truths about Podcasting I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Own Show

Confessions of A Wannabe PodcaSTAR

Hey! My name is Ravi Jayagopal.

I am the host of , a podcast about membership sites, online courses, WordPress and all things digital content marketing and monetization.

But when I was just getting started with podcasting a couple of years ago, I didn’t just want to be a Podcaster. I’m talking about wanting to be a PodcaSTAR. Small play on the word, but huge difference in meaning and impact!

My First Confession

When I "grow up" as a Podcaster, I want to be one of the stars (yeah, I know, many of us do.)

Before I got started with my own podcast, one of the star attractions of podcasting was seeing Pat Flynn ( and John Lee Dumas ( put out crazy monthly income reports, where they were making gobs of money each month via their podcasts.

And then came Tim Ferriss with an irresistible personality, cream-of-the-crop guests, amazing interviewing skills, super-deep knowledge of all kinds of topics under the sun, and a huge fan following.

But more than the money itself, what truly blew me away was the kind of raving fans and engaged audiences they were building, which pretty much allowed them to point that massive audience’s attention to whatever it was they were promoting.

Affiliate links? BOOM!

New book launches? BOOM!

Selling Journals with blank pages?? DOUBLE BOOM!

They could just say the word, and get their massive audience to take massive action.

That’s the kind of influence I craved.

But after closely following – and intently listening – to podcasting veterans like Dave Jackson of the, Daniel J Lewis of and Cliff Ravenscraft of, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

After all, I had been in the online business world selling digital products and doing digital marketing for over 18 years. I had even written a category best-seller called “No Business Like E-Business” back in 2007. And I am the Co-founder & Co-developer of a leading membership plugin since 2008. So of course, I knew what it took, and I could coast through it all, right?

<insert harsh sound of buzzer here>

Oh, how I was wrong!

Podcasting is nothing like selling a digital product, yet, it is everything like selling a digital product.


Yes, that’s how much of a contradiction podcasting is.

Podcasting is hard. Churning out great content week after week, the research, the editing, the uploading, creating a page for it on your site and optimizing it, then promoting it… all of that is hard. It gets even harder when there simply aren’t any tools to measure a lot of the key metrics – like measuring how many people that downloaded your episode actually listened to it, how long did they listen, ability to track ROI on paid advertising when it comes to converting clicks to listeners to subscribers – a lot of that is not possible - not yet, anyway.

Podcasting takes a lot of passion, knowledge & persistence to do it long-enough and well-enough to build authority and influence - and most importantly, a lot of marketing – to get the word out and build a legion of raving fans.

So in this book, I’m going to lay bare my soul, open my heart, and lay it all out on the table: Everything I’ve learned from doing my own show a while now, and more importantly, everything I’ve learned NOT to do, thanks to being a podcasting super-junkie who listens to podcasts ALL the time – whether I’m grocery shopping, waiting to pick up my kids, on a walk with my dog, on a run, and even when lying with my mouth wide open at the dentist’s table (see picture above).

"​I want to endorse Ravi's new book and let you know that if you're starting a podcast, or have just started a podcast, you need to read this book.

It is a must-read because it goes over all the typical pitfalls that you will experience when you launch a podcast. And it will prevent you from falling a victim to a lot of the typical things that you hear.​

Not to mention the fact that it is Up-To-Date... a lot of podcasting advice changes so rapidly, that you can't keep up.

Ravi's really encompassed this in a pretty stellar book. A quick read, and easy for you to get up and running with all the things that you need to know about Podcasting.​

(Good job, Ravi)

Now, go get this book!"

Keith Griffis

Coolest Geek On The Planet :-)

Yes, that would be me :-). Ask Google if you don't believe me!

My name is Ravi Jayagopal. I’m the Co-Founder & Co-Developer of , a leading membership plugin and marketing automation platform for WordPress.

I am also the creator of - what is officially “The Prettiest Podcast Player on the Planet”.

I live in sunny San Diego with my beautiful, wicked-smart wife Veena Prashanth (the other Co-founder & Co-developer of DAP), 2 amazing kids and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla.

Having grown up as a talk-show fan, in a family where my father, my uncles and my grandfather were all Indian film legends - and continuing to fuel that passion as an adult by listening to podcasts since the mid 2000s, I have always been fascinated by the talk-show format.

And over the years, having advised thousands of people on how to monetize digital content through my main membership site software & coaching/consulting business, and being a super-fan of all forms of talk shows, especially podcasts, as well as having started my own show, I have developed a very unique perspective and a tremendous knack for figuring out what most people are doing wrong with their podcasts. And I have developed a powerful list of ideas and strategies that can help you create a better show, get more listeners, and build not just a hobby, but a long-term business using their podcast as a very powerful audience-building and marketing platform.

In this book, I’m going to tell you my biggest takeaways from my first year of hosting my own podcast, the “Subscribe Me” show at .

Sandi Eveleth

I wish I had been able to read this book before launching my own podcast! It would have saved me a ton of time, research, money, and effort along with the growing pains of doing things the hard way (and learning from my own mistakes instead of others!)

I was especially interested in many of the myths Ravi dispelled, since other podcasting experts had explained them as truths.

Ravi speaks from the heart, tells some truths about the podcasting industry others may not like, and explains from his own experiences and teaches many pearls you'll be able to use in your own podcasting journey.

I appreciate his honesty and respect the knowledge he has in the industry as a whole.

I highly recommend this book.

Some Tidbits About Me (plus Bragging Rights!)

· I have been selling digital products online since 1998.

· I invented Content Dripping, where you drip content over time; like an autoresponder sends out pre-scheduled emails (I called it a ContentResponder).

· I wrote my first real book in 2007 (no Kindle back then) called No Business Like E-Business which went on to become an Amazon category best seller at the time.

· I’m the First Indian ever to sell a physical product online from India, to a world-wide audience, in 1998.

· I’m the first podcaster to sell an ad spot via an eBay auction, a full two weeks before I launched the podcast. And I got paid $510 before I had even recorded my first-ever episode for my first-ever podcast. That’s the power of marketing – where you can sell something that doesn’t even exist yet! (The link to the eBay auction and more details in the book.)

· Launched my first web site in 1997. Between 1999 and 2007 (back when I still had a lucrative job) I was averaging about $2,000 a month from physical Google AdSense ads, and book sales – basically selling somebody else’s book and shipping it from India to a world-wide audience.

· I developed the world's first PayPal Download Protector, at a time when it was super-easy to find the download link of a product, right from the sales page, simply by looking at the source code of the PayPal buy button. I also developed the first-ever ClickBank Download Protector for protecting digital information products purchased through ClickBank.

· In 2000, I created a suite of webmaster PHP scripts called “Webmaster In A Box” (now defunct) that brought in, on average, about $3,500 a month, for about 5 years.

· I’ve been blogging with WordPress, at, since January 2005. That’s what made me a fan of WordPress, and along with my wife Veena Prashanth - who is the co-founder & co-developer of - we have since created an entire software business based on WordPress.

Check out the actual table of​ contents from the book below.

Table of Contents

TRUTH: Podcasting Is Not A Business Model

TRUTH: World’s Most Powerful “Door Creator” 

TRUTH: Podcasts Are Not Viral

TRUTH: Bring Your Own Listeners (BYOL)

TIP: Don’t Go Ga-Ga Over Gear

TIP: My Podcast Setup

PICS: My Podcast Studio

TIP: My Complete Podcasting setup

MYTH: New & Noteworthy is a Noteworthy Goal

MYTH: Launch Your Podcast With 8 Episodes

MYTH: You Shouldn’t Launch with 1 Episode

FACT: Law of Diminishing Downloads

TIP: Drip-Launching Your Podcast

TIP: Practice… We talking about Practice!

TIP: How to Monetize Your Podcast

TIP: List Building & Lead Magnets

TIP: Email id to get ‘em in, FB group to keep ‘em in

TIP: Email Subscribers vs. Others

TRUTH: You Are Your #1 Sponsor

TIP: To Hell With CPM's

TIP: Donations vs. Sales

TIP: Promoting Affiliate Products

TIP: What is Your Desired Outcome?

MYTH: Always Promote your iTunes Link

TIP: Cold vs. Warm Audience

TIP: Best Days & Times to Publish

TIP: Fiverr Friends

TIP: Don't Go For The Blonde

TIP: RTFM and How to build Authority

TIP: Stick to 1 Podcast In The Beginning

TRUTH: The Stunningly Simple 99Designs Hack That Saved Me $800 and 17 Hours of Work

TRUTH: The Art of Positioning

TIP: Podcast Hosting

TIP: Don’t Create An Interview-Based Show Just To Get Others To Create Content For You

TIP: Create Episode Titles Like A Marketer

TIP: Skip The Lame Questions

TIP: Ask Intelligent, Follow-up Questions

MYTH: Your Guests Will Promote Your Show

TIP: Ulterior Motives Don’t Work

TIP: People-in-a-room Mindset

TIP: Podcast Host

TIP: Don’t Use Explicit Language

TIP: How to include dated material

TIP: Skip a Week Rather Than Publish Crap

TRUTH: My Podcast Workflow

MYTH: Stats, Stats, Stats

TIP: 2-Click Play

WARNING: Podfading

What Your Listeners Are Probably Thinking

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

What’s Coming Up


Lori J. Isenstadt

If you are just starting a podcast, I know how you can save yourself a ton of time and not waste any money on buying the wrong equipment.

Read this book before you read anything else on the subject.

This book is really the only thing you need to get you started. You will want to dive into what Ravi has to say not only because it will save you time and money, but also because it is filled with tips that will help you avoid spending time on things that don't mater.

When we are new to this podcasting gig, we tend to get overloaded with all the tools and shiny white objects we need.

Ravi busts many myths and makes sure you have accurate and current information that leads you to success.

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